Happy International Women's Day!

Women are my superpower. 

I spent my 20s in the corporate world learning about life and business without a strong female mentor. Quite the opposite in fact.

It was only upon my venturing into entrepreneurialism that I realized the incredible power of female creativity, drive, and connection.

The group of women that I now work with on a day to day basis inside the businesses I own, plus the network of women we teach, practice with, work for, connect with, and coach through each business not only inspire me, but they fill my heart SO full of love, pride, and fulfillment.

To see a woman experience change in her mind and body at Mindstream Yoga, grow her brand with Candescence Group, expand her network with Women& Inc and pursue abundance, freedom, and ease in my Lindsay Roselle coaching programs is my fuel, my charge, my passion, my bliss.

To every single one of you badass women I call a friend, teacher, student, mentor, coworker, client, connection, or acquaintance...YOU are incredible.

Happy International Women's Day!


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