Can you name the top desired outcomes of your organization's efforts over the next year?

Are your teams and leaders fully empowered to be creative, transparent, and inclusive?

Could you benefit from insight on how to increase sales, build partnerships, and streamline operations?

Do you want to ignite your growth? I can help.

I spent 9 years in the corporate world participating in corporate strategy, business management, and organizational design. I'm an expert at building relationships at all levels of an organization, asking the tough questions about what is working and what isn't, and generating ideas about how to change things for the better.

I specialize in working with leaders and teams on design thinking, branding, and business formation strategy in the health, wellness, and fitness industries but have worked with companies in many other industries including energy/utilities/clean tech, transportation, communications, financial services, real estate, retail, food/beverage, social enterprise, and recreation/tourism.

Organizational and executive consulting is offered on a per-project and monthly retainer basis. Please inquire above to discuss your business's specific needs. 

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