Take a deep breath...

lindsay roselle coaching

Now envision your life a year from now. What milestones have you hit in your business or career? What are the next big goals on your list? What is your daily self-care routine? 

We're all in the midst of our life's story.

Maybe it's been an adventure, a comedy, or even at times a tragedy, but the important thing to remember is that it is yours to craft. You can make your vision a reality. 

The question is how do you want the next chapters to unfold? Full of abundance, freedom, and ease? With a sense of wholehearted action that you know is leading you to success? And all of this while still maintaining a routine of self-care that keeps you refreshed and full of energy?

Maybe you think that sounds too good to be true...especially if you're currently feeling overwhelmed, under-motivated, and burned out...but I'm here to show you it is entirely possible.

I work with entrepreneurial and professional women and men who have the desire to create big success on their own terms, and are ready to take massive action in pursuit of it. 

You want the strategy and the plan to make it happen. And you need support and accountability to make it a success.

You're in the right place.

I am a corporate manager turned serial entrepreneur with several successful businesses.  I've worked with executives of multi-billion dollar companies, successful solo-preneurs, small business owners who have created abundant wealth and freedom, and individuals just starting out in their businesses or careers.

They're all just like you and me. Creative and ambitious people driven by purpose who are willing to invest in themselves and take risks to pursue their goals.

I've learned that success is a process, it is a pursuit, and it is an evolution. Your goals will change as you grow, but the need for support will not. I have a coach, I have a strategist, and I have a mentor. They challenge me to move past my self doubt, make concrete and actionable plans, and never lose site of my ultimate purpose. In short, they're absolutely critical to my success.

I believe in the power of strategy. I believe in the power of vulnerability. I believe in the power of accountability. I believe in you. 

Let's get started.

Development coaching 

Brand consulting 

Private Yoga + Teacher Mentorship

Other ways to work with me.

Candescence Group, Incorporated works directly with organizations, entrepreneurs, and individuals to create, refine, and upgrade their brand identity. We deliver high quality website and graphic design, strategic content planning, and project execution to help your brand reach its purpose, profit, and impact goals. 

We lead the conversations that help you define who you are, what you need, and what you want as a brand.

 Services include:  

  • Brand Identity Design - logos, colors, taglines, general graphic design, etc
  • Website Development - SquareSpace, WordPress, Shopify 
  • Brand Strategy Consulting - messaging, publicity, social media, content strategy
  • Organizational Strategy Consulting - sales strategy, marketing strategy, channel and partnership development, community outreach and events, etc

Women& Inc brings entrepreneurial and professional women together for connection, education, and wellbeing via events, workshops, and online programming. 

Join us at one of our upcoming events!

At Mindstream Yoga, Inc we strive to create a community that fosters strength, happiness, and belonging by providing a variety of inventive, accessible, and authentic yoga and fitness classes to students of all ages, fitness levels, and ability.

If you're in Fort Collins, CO we invite you to join us for class!

I am honored to be an entrepreneur ambassador for the local lululemon Fort Collins. I am part of the ambassador team spreading the ‪#thelocal‎sweatlife‬ in Fort Collins through entrepreneurial outreach, events, and collaboration.

Check out my events calendar to see what's coming up or visit the store in Old Town!