I help women build vision, brands, and Businesses rooted in Core Values, authentic Connection and soulful Purpose. 

Are you:

  • An aspiring entrepreneur with an idea you want to explore and build a strategy to pursue?
  • A business owner or solopreneur ready to expand, uplevel or pivot your existing business?
  • An executive or corporate employee seeking support in defining what you desire from your career or preparing to make the leap into entrepreneurship?
  • A leader of any kind ready to build a community of highly engaged people around your ideas, products and/or services?
  • A yoga, fitness or wellness professional (teacher and/or business owner) looking for a mentor that has been in your shoes?
  • A dynamic individual that wants to grow their personal brand?
  • Ready to invest in yourself to shed the worry and overwhelm and move into a state of flow that feels good?
  • Willing to be honest, vulnerable, and decisive in exploring what you really want to create with your life?
  • Prepared to take massive action in pursuit of your goals?

Yes, Yes, And HELL YES?! I thought so. 

I will evoke new ideas and approaches, push you for progress not perfection, and FULLY believe in your ability to succeed in your business and your life. You will get the benefit of my years of experience and all the successes and failures that have taught me how to create highly successful and profitable brands that foster thriving communities. 

Entrepreneurship is not easy. 

It takes strategy, it takes work, it takes a wholehearted commitment from you to create the change you seek. But you won't be alone. I'll be your sounding board, your ardent supporter, your desire encourager, and your reality check. I will help you navigate, I will hold you accountable, and I will be your biggest fan when you realize your dreams. 

You've totally got this. I will show you how.

How to work with me:

I've worked with several incredible exclusive business and success coaches myself and found that my need for support didn't always coincide with the timing of my once a week phone call. Sometimes I needed to talk for longer, sometimes I just had a quick idea or question I wanted to run by them, and some weeks I was too busy or too overwhelmed to talk at all.

So, I've designed my coaching program to offer unlimited access to me within the pace, time, and format that work best for you. 

In my experience, the standard 3 or 4 month programs offered by most coaches are just a stepping stone into long term success. Most successful entrepreneurs I've met cite on-going strategic support from a coach or mentor as one of the main reasons for their success.

When you sign up to work with me you'll receive the following:

  • Initial meeting (in person or via Skype) to establish your near, mid, and long term goals for your brand, business, and life and how I can best support you in achieving them. 
  • My direct contact info so you can reach out whenever you need support. I unplug between 8pm-8am seven days a week, but otherwise you can expect a response from me within a couple of hours, if not immediately. 
  • A personal Trello board where we'll house all things you for as long as we work together. This is where we'll keep track of your goals, post resources and materials for you to draw from, and map out strategies and the action items to accomplish them. This board and everything on it is yours to keep no matter how long we work together (ps...Trello is free)!
  • Access to my team and connections, which combined offer everything you need to start, run, and grow a business or personal brand. If you need an expert for something in your business or brand, its likely I (or someone in my network) already know a great one to recommend. 
  • Exclusive discounts to my other programs, events, and services. My coaching program clients receive priority pricing for Candescence Group services, and VIP ticket pricing to Women& Inc events, as well as other special benefits coming soon!


  • $1000 per month.
  • Billed automatically on your credit or debit card.
  • Cancel anytime with 30 days notice.*

*unless otherwise noted in your Engagement Agreement. 

I love connection. I love ideas. I love goals and the action steps to achieve them. I love celebrating success, especially yours!

Disclaimer: Lindsay and her team reserve the right to deny access to the program to anyone who demonstrates behavior deemed to be inappropriate, abusive, or otherwise out of alignment with the purpose and goals stated herein. Any individual or business who expresses intention to act illegally or who engages in illegal behavior while working with Lindsay will be terminated immediately. No refunds are offered if your subscription is terminated for these reasons. 

Want to chat in more depth about my program? Book a complimentary 30 Minute Strategy Session!

"Success is your duty, obligation, and responsibility." - Grant Cardone