Align + Refine Collective


A monthly membership community for entrepreneurial women designed to create inner work ah-ha moments and needle-moving growth in your life and business.


A word from Lindsay...


The Collective solves a big problem. Have you ever felt like pursuing your entrepreneurial goals is like climbing a mountain? Exciting, rewarding, challenging...but also daunting, lonely, and depleting? What if you had a community of likeminded women with similar challenges and goals to walk along side you on the journey? To remind you of your why and your worth? Gamechanger.

Your success is multi-dimensional. No one succeeds alone, and no one does it perfectly. And as silly as it may sound, much of it is an inside job. That's why I created a framework to give structure and context to the interplay of inner work and business growth in a woman’s life. That framework is the foundation of everything you'll learn and implement inside the Collective.

My promise to you. I had to learn the hard way what it takes to overcome the factors that limit growth. I built the Collective to share that knowledge and experience so you don't have to. 

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Still can't put your finger on it?

You know the feeling...sitting there staring at a mile long to-do list, a blank Instagram caption, an overflowing inbox...and still not quite able to name what's blocking you? Maybe it's overwhelm, maybe it's lack of clarity...or maybe it's something deeper? Well, I have some questions for you:

How would it feel if you...


- could make weekly progress towards your goals without adding stress?

- had the tools and support to explore your inner world with intention?

- found a group of women who genuinely cared about your wellbeing and success?

- could finally stick with a morning practice and other inward-focused rituals?

- had a library of templates and trainings to help move the needle in your business?

- were able to reach more ideal customers and make more money with ease?

It would feel freaking fantastic right? And you would experience next-level growth in your life and business that actually FELT GOOD. Best of all, you'd create the income and impact growth that comes from aligned action.

By joining the Align + Refine Collective, you gain access to an abundance of proven resources and roadmaps based on my 10+ years of experience as a growth strategist and mentor serving hundreds of entrepreneurial women. Plus, you learn and grow alongside other women on similar journeys who want to see you win.

Whether you're just stepping into entrepreneurship or you're a seasoned veteran needing a tune-up...or anything in between...the Collective is the perfect place to start working on growth from the inside out.


The Collective is for you if... 


- You want to learn at your own pace inside a community of women on similar journeys.

- You know the value of inner work for your personal and business growth, but aren't sure where to start.

- You already have some good momentum going, and want to refine and optimize.

- You're sick of flashy programs that don't teach fundamentals like messaging and content strategy.

- You've tried to DIY it for too long and know it's time to invest in tools and resources proven to help you grow.

- You've had enough of feeling like something isn't quite aligned in your life and business.

The best part of membership...


When you become a member of the Collective, you're doing more than signing up to're stepping into an opportunity for massive growth inside a group of other women who get it.


Belonging to a community that answers your questions, cheers you on, and holds you accountable is a growth gamechanger.


You'll have access to coaching support from Lindsay, her team, and guest experts on everything we cover inside the Collective.


Our Resource Library is full of worksheets, templates, trainings, and masterclasses to help you grow inward, outward, and upward.


Think of the Collective as a mini-Mastermind. The cumulative expertise inside the community is easily worth 10x your investment.


Get motivation and accountability from women committed to your growth and success. A real-world push to take action is priceless.


Inside our community, you aren't just're implementing. Which means you're growing. Win win win.


Hi, I'm Lindsay!


After years in the corporate world, I stepped out into full time entrepreneurship several years ago, and never looked back.

The problem is, I didn't have a community of women like me to seek advice, education, and support from, so I made a lot of mistakes along the way.

Over the last 5+ years, I've been building a community of entrepreneurial women who are committed to growth, starting with their own personal growth. The Collective is now home to that amazing community, and it is the highlight of my day to login and teach, coach, and collaborate inside.

Through my years of coaching and consulting work, I've helped thousands of women start, grow, and scale their businesses with expert growth strategy.

And through my own personal journey of turning inward to access a new level of growth driven by authentic personal alignment, I've learned how to support other entrepreneurial women in doing the same.

I believe you must go inward first, and then outward and upward. And the Collective is a great place to start that journey.

The Align + Refine Framework


Inward first. Then Outward and Upward.

To most effectively reach your ideal customers and profitably scale your business, you must do the inner work of knowing yourself so that action in your business is always driven from a place of personal alignment. My method teaches you exactly how to do this with templates, toolkits and coaching designed to help you grow inward, outward, and upward.

Ready to join us?


Investing in yourself is telling the world that you're ready. That you believe your dreams are possible, and more importantly that you believe in your own ability to make them come true. When you commit to growth with the Collective, you're getting: 

Private community access
Monthly live Q&A video calls with Lindsay
Weekly live trainings inside the private group
Guest speakers and experts
Access to the Resource Library
Quarterly goal setting video calls with Lindsay

Monthly Plan



  • all benefits listed above
  • budget friendly monthly payments
  • cancel at any time

Annual Plan



  • all benefits listed above
  • best value pricing - 2 months free!
  • special welcome gift just for you