I talk with my hands...and from my heart.


Are you hosting an event, planning a conference, providing educational opportunities for your clients or staff, or producing a workshop?

Lindsay is a confident, talented speaker with years of experience presenting, teaching, and speaking in a variety of settings. Her style is real and relatable; laced with humor and vulnerable personal anecdotes.

Speaking engagements can be tailored to your needs around topics such as:

  • Together is Better - why community is so important and how to build a community to grow your business and brand

  • Women& [you fill in the blank] - customized workshops, talks, and presentations about how women come together to support each other around a variety of topics.

  • Alignment not Balance - applying the principles of yoga to life, entrepreneurship, and/or motherhood.

  • Connection and Networking Basics - developing a toolset for connecting with other women and growing your network successfully

  • Other topics include, but are not limited to:

    • Leaving the corporate world for entrepreneurship

    • Building and growing successful small businesses

    • Leadership development/women’s leadership

    • Vision boarding and manifestation workshops

    • Developing a content strategy to grow your community, business, or brand


Speaking fees and other details are determined based on the nature of the event.


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